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jeudi 24 octobre 2013

FUSION: Vidéo preview de Fusion 7

Vidéo d'un webinar ou l'on aperçoit Eyeon Fusion 7 beta : 

jeudi 29 novembre 2012

The Foundry Nuke 7.0 est disponible

Leading visual effects software developer, The Foundry is pleased to announce that it has launched NUKE 7.0, a revolutionary version of its industry leading compositor.

The highly anticipated release of NUKE 7.0 is packed with a wide range of new features and  substantial improvements. The updated version is available to purchase now. Based on feedback from  NUKE’s wide user base, this version of NUKE is faster and more user-optimised than ever before.

As well as some very exciting new additions, the focus of this release has been to really increase performance as well as adding support for Alembic and OpenEXR 2.0 Deep Data.

Lire la suite...

samedi 8 septembre 2012

Avid MC - Newscutter - Symphony 6.5 disponible

Le logiciel de montage par excellence Avid Media Composer & Symphony & Newscutter a été mis à jour en version 6.5.

Une mise à jour contenant des fonctionnalités plus qu'attendues, dont entre autres :
- Relink to AMA folder plusieurs AMA en même temps
- Export AS-02 bundle (AAF + MXF + XML). Vous pouvez choisir IMX, Non compressé, DNxHD, ou JPEG 2000 (J2K)
- Déplacement de clips non consécutifs
- Meilleure gestion des keyframes audio

Télécharger la mise à jour à ces liens :

Avid Symphony 6.5 PC :
Avid Symphony 6.5 MAC :
Avid Media Composer 6.5 PC :
Avid Media Composer 6.5 MAC :

vendredi 7 septembre 2012

The Foundry Nuke 7.0

The Foundry annonce la sortie de NUKE 7.0 incorporant entre autres :

RAM cache
Noeuds accélérés par le GPU comme les fréquemment utilisés MotionBlur, Kronos, Denoise, VectorGenerator, Convolve et ZDefocus.
Pour la partie 3D le ReLight et ModelBuilder pourront nous être utilises dans la version NUKEX.
Support de formats RAW pour la Alexa ARRIRAW et le dernier SDK R3D.
Primatte 5
Un nouveau 2D tracker
SplineWarp & Dopesheet ont été revus

Disponible bientôt pour Windows et OSX.

lundi 21 décembre 2009

Autodesk Smoke disponible sur Mac OS X

Autodesk® Smoke® software is a comprehensive solution for online editing and creative finishing. Smoke provides real-time, mixed-resolution interactivity for many types of editorial finishing work and client-supervised sessions. Smoke is now available as a software-only application for Apple® Mac OS® X operating system.

Easily handle a variety of projects―film, commercials, long-form episodics, bumpers, and promos―on a single system. In an era of project-based billing and increasingly complex client demands, your editing and finishing system software needs to do more―more efficiently.

Core features of Autodesk Smoke include:

  • A powerful 64-bit architecture
  • Superior tools for conforming, editing, audio, paint, character generation, graphic design, and visual effects creation
  • Autodesk Modular Keyer, Master Keyer, and Colour Warper™ technologies
  • Batch procedural compositing environment enabling logical, more efficient workflows (available in Autodesk® Smoke® Advanced software)
  • Support for streaming media formats: Panasonic® P2 MXF files, Avid DNxHD® codecs, Apple® QuickTime® media (ProRes on the Mac® operating system), and RED file formats

Get more details about Autodesk Smoke features.

What’s New
Explore the latest developments in Autodesk Smoke 2010 editing and finishing software.


Une version d'évaluation est disponible en libre téléchargement ici !

mercredi 28 octobre 2009

The Embassy's VFX Work on District 9

The Embassy team worked on 109 shots for District 9, including the scorpion-like alien creature scenes and the sequences in which lead character Wikis is forced to use alien weaponry to blow up various objects. While all of the sequences required varied cameras and visual effects to drive home the authentic feel, the Exo-suit sequences stand out as a distinguishing use of vfx software to further the perceived reality of the film.

To start, CG Leads Matt Rouleau, Simon Van de Lagemaat and their team built and animated the Exo-suit in XSI and then rendered it in mental ray. The surfacing and texture painting was done in Zbrush and Modo, then it was composited and GenArts Sapphire plug-ins were added. Stephen Pepper, The Embassy's compositing supervisor for District 9 said details created with GenArts Sapphire were integral to achieving the film's convincing visual effects. Read more