Notre confrère propose un papier sur le workflow utilisé pour la post-production du film District 9, avec images, textes, et vidéos à l'appui, montrant précisément les passes de rendu utilisées pour atteindre un degré de réalisme avancé.

Extrait en anglais : "Julianna Kolakis first worked on the look development of Christopher and little CJ with James as well as the look dev lead Joe Eveleigh, the lead lighter Robert Bourgeault, and later Anna Ivanova, the second texture artist who came aboard to help with maps for the aliens and other models. The artists all contributed to the character development gathering references and giving artistic feedback on how materials such as the skin, shells, and tentacles should look.

"There were 2026 texture maps for a variety of adult aliens (excluding clothes), and each model had 21 UV maps at 4096 pixels," explains Kolakis. "These maps included colors, bumps, displacements, various specs, wet specs, roughness, masks, multiple subsurface, and reflections for materials such as the shell, skin, eyes, fur, bruising, blood, dirt, dust, war paint, and stickers."

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