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vendredi 7 septembre 2012

The Foundry Nuke 7.0

The Foundry annonce la sortie de NUKE 7.0 incorporant entre autres :

RAM cache
Noeuds accélérés par le GPU comme les fréquemment utilisés MotionBlur, Kronos, Denoise, VectorGenerator, Convolve et ZDefocus.
Pour la partie 3D le ReLight et ModelBuilder pourront nous être utilises dans la version NUKEX.
Support de formats RAW pour la Alexa ARRIRAW et le dernier SDK R3D.
Primatte 5
Un nouveau 2D tracker
SplineWarp & Dopesheet ont été revus

Disponible bientôt pour Windows et OSX.

lundi 9 juillet 2012

Eyeon Connection dans Fusion 6.4

Toronto, Canada: July 9, 2012… eyeon Software Inc. announced today the shipping release of the highly-anticipated eyeon Connection® bridge to the AVID workflow. Strategically based upon AVID’s AVX2 architecture and eyeon’s 6.4 version release of Fusion™, Connection seamlessly opens the Media Composer®, Symphony™, NewsCutter®, and *Avid DS™ product lines to an infinite degree of creative possibilities.

Since Connection’s announcement at NAB 2012, the professional industry has seen an astounding response from the AVID community, including thousands of emails and forum posts:
“Eyeon Fusion Connection AVX plug-in will lead to a better world of node-based compositing from within an Avid interface”
“ka-boom! the nle war escalates, between... fusion and smoke”
“We have used Digital Fusion for years and have always wished our Avid would work like it in the composite modes with the tools of Fusion. We are excited.”
“eyeon Connection. Things are getting very interesting”
“I will 100% be checking it out because this is the game changer i think everyone has been waiting for.”
“Really smart move by Eyeon.”
“Fusion for Media Composer & Symphony is the big deal here.”
“It's very exciting to consider the possibilities. Having text burst into flame then morph into a supermodel--Fusion would definitely be my weapon of choice.”
“Adding Fusion to Avid is somewhat like the 'connectfx' nodal possibilities within Smoke2013, but still retaining the editing capabilities of Avid (e.g. Multicam, Audio Scrub, VO punch-in, 5.1 audio, Trimming etc).”
Key Features
•Supercomputing node-based VFX and Stereoscopic toolsets directly accessed in the AVID timeline, auto-populating AVID clips.
•Simultaneous use of software on systems or network, with concurrent editing/rendering.
•Drag-and-drop simplicity with infinite scalability via 64bit GPU-accelerated compositing and motion graphics.
•Unprecedented Particle generation and access to 3D environment and virtual extensions.
•Server storage and importing/exporting process eliminated.
•Dimension’s optical flow and disparity mapping technologies define a superior level of fix-it-in-post and Stereoscopic solutions.
•VFX processing via multi CPU and GPU.
•Advanced Fusion toolset includes Primatte5.
•Fusion 6.4 delivers transcoding lab controlled by AVID and Fusion.
•HDRI floating point color pipeline.
•ARRI®, RED®, Phantom®, and other native camera formats integrated.
Pricing and Availability
Connection with AVX2 support is included as part of Fusion and Dimension 6.4 at no additional charge for current subscription owners. Please contact sales@ for more information.
* Avid DS support available upon AVID release of DS 11 QFE1.

mercredi 6 juin 2012

Connectivité entre Eyeon Fusion et Avid Media Composer & Symphony en vidéo

Connectivité entre Eyeon Fusion et Avid Media Composer & Symphony en vidéo:

mercredi 10 novembre 2010

Trapcode Particular pour Nuke

La société Red Giant vient de rendre disponible le fameux plugin Particular, cette fois pour The Foundry Nuke, après le grand succès du plugin sur After Effects.

"Particular for Nuke will move you immediately into a powerful and creative workflow. Particular is used widely in motion pictures such as Spider Man 3, Terminator: Salvation and Angels & Demons and in TV shows like Lost. Its realistic natural effects have long solved common visual effects challenges, like photo-realistic rain, snow, clouds, smoke trails and sparks.

Steve Wright, master trainer for Nuke and VFX compositing, comments, "At last, Red Giant has closed the particle system gap for NUKE by introducing Trapcode Particular for NUKE. After years as the definitive particle system for Adobe After Effects, a 64-bit version has been ported to NUKE to add photorealistic particle effects to NUKE's palette. Particular for NUKE is an absolutely essential addition to any serious visual effects studio.""

Regardez le tutorial expliquant l'utilisation de Particular au sein de Nuke ici

Et profitez d'informations supplémentaires (news, achat, téléchargement de version de démo) ici
Particular est disponible pour $699

jeudi 22 janvier 2009

Eyeon Fusion tutorial : Rain drops on Camera Lens

Un tutorial en anglais montrant comment créer des gouttes de pluie se déposant sur l'objectif d'une caméra, utilisant les plugins compatibles After Effects CC Rain et CC Vector Blur. Ce tutorial utilise le système de particules de Eyeon Fusion pour créer ces gouttes de pluie.


Tutorial :

mercredi 21 janvier 2009


GenArts a acquis les renommés plugins SpeedSix.

En anglais / In english :

 GenArts Inc., the leading provider of digital visual effects software for the film, broadcast and video industries, announced today it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire SpeedSix Software Limited. As of today, all SpeedSix employees will join the GenArts team and remain in the UK. In addition, SpeedSix's renowned Monsters and Raptors visual effects will be sold and supported in their current form alongside GenArts Sapphire, creating the industry's most compelling family of state-of-the-art image processing and synthesis effects software.

The acquisition is part of GenArts' aggressive growth strategy fueled by last year's investment from Insight Venture Partners of New York. CEO Katherine Hays took the reins in June, 2008 and announced her intent to accelerate the company's growth via acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

"We're excited to announce the acquisition of SpeedSix as an initial step in our growth plan," Hays said. "For over 12 years, GenArts has built a reputation for visual effects that inspire our customers to create the Academy Award-winning magic that has thrilled and delighted audiences around the world. We believe that the creativity and passion of our combined company will allow us to achieve new heights with our technology while leveraging our complementary businesses to create unequalled value for our customers in the years to come."

SpeedSix's Monsters and Raptors plug-ins feature powerful tools including retiming, particle effects, lens distortion matching, fire, and organic fluid backgrounds. Monsters and Raptors have been used throughout the film and video industry to create effects for some of the most popular movies, television and advertising produced in the industry.

Steve Hayes, Director of SpeedSix commented, "We've always admired GenArts and the outstanding reputation they have built over the last decade. We share their commitment to deliver the highest quality, most organic and most original visual effects tools in the world. We're proud to be joining the GenArts family and look forward to working together to create exciting new products that allow filmmakers and vídeo artists to explore the limits of their imagination and create the entertainment experiences that continue to amaze us all."

About GenArts
Founded in 1996 in Cambridge, Mass., GenArts, Inc. is the premier provider of digital visual effects for the film, broadcast and video industries. GenArts Sapphire equips digital artists with a collection of over 200 state-of-the-art image processing and synthesis effects such as: Glows, EdgeRays, LensFlare, Lightning, FilmEffect, Warps and Textures. The effects seamlessly integrate as software plug-ins into leading editing and compositing systems from Adobe, Apple, Avid, Autodesk, Assimilate, Digital Vision, Eyeon, FilmLight, The Foundry, Quantel and SGO.

Sapphire has become the industry standard for high-end visual effects creation by providing unrivaled image quality, a unique organic look, and ease of use. They have been used extensively in an array of television programs, music videos and feature films, including
Iron Man, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Hulk, Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars - Episode I, II and III, Sin City, The Matrix trilogy, X-Men 1, 2 and 3, Titanic, Lostand CSI.

ZDefocus de Sapphire:
genarts sapphire plugins

jeudi 18 septembre 2008

Autodesk Combustion Tutorial : Morphing & Warping

Utilisant le plugin Re:Flex livré avec Autodesk Combustion, ce tutoriel dont j'en suis l'auteur, une fois encore en anglais, décrit les étapes pour faire un morphing utilisant la version Motion Morph des plugins de Re:Flex. Contrairement à Morph, Motion Morph permet de faire du morphing sur des objets / personnages en mouvement. Ce tutoriel est présent sur le site Re:Vision en tant que tutoriel de référence pour leur plugin sur Combustion.

Lien PDF :

Vidéo démo (résultat "draft" en 5minutes sans détails ni affinage dans les splines):