La société Red Giant vient de rendre disponible le fameux plugin Particular, cette fois pour The Foundry Nuke, après le grand succès du plugin sur After Effects.

"Particular for Nuke will move you immediately into a powerful and creative workflow. Particular is used widely in motion pictures such as Spider Man 3, Terminator: Salvation and Angels & Demons and in TV shows like Lost. Its realistic natural effects have long solved common visual effects challenges, like photo-realistic rain, snow, clouds, smoke trails and sparks.

Steve Wright, master trainer for Nuke and VFX compositing, comments, "At last, Red Giant has closed the particle system gap for NUKE by introducing Trapcode Particular for NUKE. After years as the definitive particle system for Adobe After Effects, a 64-bit version has been ported to NUKE to add photorealistic particle effects to NUKE's palette. Particular for NUKE is an absolutely essential addition to any serious visual effects studio.""

Regardez le tutorial expliquant l'utilisation de Particular au sein de Nuke ici

Et profitez d'informations supplémentaires (news, achat, téléchargement de version de démo) ici
Particular est disponible pour $699