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mercredi 10 juin 2015

MAKING OF: Les VFX de Taken 3 par MacGuff

Vidéo des FX et VFX par MacGuff pour le film Taken 3 de Olivier Megaton:

Making of Taken 3 from Mac Guff on Vimeo.

lundi 22 décembre 2014

2K 4K UHD disponible dans Avid Media Composer !

Avid Media Composer permet désormais de monter en temps réel en UHD, 2K ou en 4K grâce au nouveau support de leur dernier codec DNxHR LB / SQ / HQ /HQX 10 bit / 444 avec de nouveaux framerates tels 47.952, 48, 50, 59.94 & 60, le tout dans des espaces colorimétriques Rec. 709, BT/Rec. 2020 ou DCI-P3. Bref tout pour être heureux ce soir.

La mise à jour est disponible sur le site d'Avid dans la section Video Download Center ou via votre Avid Application Manager.

Plus d'infos en anglais sur le site Avid Blogs :

lundi 16 janvier 2012

Hereafter Before After breakdown

A look at how some of the visual effects were created for director Clint Eastwood's HEREAFTER

jeudi 20 janvier 2011

PACE adds three more Sids for 3D

With demand for 3D production continuing to rise, 3D innovation company PACE in Burbank recently added three more Quantel Sid Stereo3D workstations to its arsenal. This purchase brings the Stereo3D pioneer's complement of Quantel S3D systems to a total of seven.

The new additions are currently supporting multiple productions: 'The Three Musketeers', 'Final Destination 5' and 'Journey to the Center of the Earth 2'.  PACE already has placed a Sid Stereo3D workstation on the set of Michael Bay's 'Transformers 3' and a Pablo Stereo3D grading system for Martin Scorsese's 'Hugo Cabret'.

Vince Pace, CEO of PACE, has long been a believer in Quantel technology. "Quantel personifies quality engineering, equipment and support," says Pace. "Our latest purchase is an ongoing validation of the relationship between Quantel and PACE to provide proven workflow solutions at the point of capture and ensuring that exceptional 3D gets on screen. The Sid's unique ability to QC the footage at the point of capture is an added benefit that productions are taking advantage of."

PACE created the company's "SLATE² SCREEN(tm)" effort to achieve superior 3D results in a more cost-and time-efficient manner. The workstations are the heart of PACE's On-Set Stereo Lab(tm) workflow, which provides interactive 3D control in the field and during dailies for the cinematographer and director.

 The Sid toolset includes real-time Stereo3D operation at up to twin HD-RGB, with full, interactive control of convergence, color balance, sync alterations, eye comparisons, imaging errors and editing of both streams simultaneously.