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lundi 4 mai 2009

Thumbnails PSD, TGA in Windows, anyone ?

Comme l'indique le post sur, le logiciel MysticThumbs permet d'afficher vos documents PSD, TGA, SGI et j'en passe sous forme de vignettes dans l'explorateur de Windows.
Infos et lien ici :

mercredi 26 novembre 2008

Eyeon Fusion 6 Teaser

Pour rappel, le teaser présentant en anglais les nouvelles fonctionalités de Eyeon Fusion 6 est disponible sous forme de vidéo Quicktime, d'une durée d'environ 30 minutes ici :

Ce teaser est juste superbe. Je pense que ça donnera à beaucoup l'envie d'essayer Fusion 6...


Notes sur les nouveautés :

Stereoscopic Views View stereo pairs in 3D in the views and support for stereo monitors. Fusion’s 3D environment has full support of stereo with eye separation and convergence controls.

3D In Stereo View the 3D environment in stereo.

New 3D System:

Production Quality OpenGL Renderer Resolution independent and floating point rendering. Super-sampling with reconstruction filters. New plugable CG shaders. Deep Pixel rendering of normals, Texture Co-ordinates, Material ID, Object ID, Diffuse, Specular and Shadows, etc.

3D Environment Tools Environment mapped reflections and refractions. 3D Cube and Sphere mapping.

New 3D Material Tools New lighting materials, Blinn, Phong, Cook-Torrance and Ward. Material merging tool.

New Bump Mapped Materials Bump mapped from height maps. Bump mapped reflections and refractions.

UVW Mapping Set spherical, planar, box, fit, etc, mapping co-ordinates.

Alpha Projections Project alpha and re-light the projection.

3D Blend Modes All 2D blend modes supported in 3D, including Screen, Multiply, Color Dodge, Difference, Exclusion, etc. 3D blend modes can be assigned to any 3D object.

Matte Objects Use 3D geometric primitives or meshes as 3D mattes in the scene, with Z-depth and alpha control.

FBX Caching Performance of FBX loading by caching of FBX model data.

FBX Updated Improved importing of scenes, camera paths, lights, geometry, baked animation, etc.

FBX Exporter Exports geometry, lights, camera and animation.

File Browser Includes image previews and metadata, with gamma control for non-linear images.

Toolbars Can contain tools, scripts, macros and settings.

3D Navigation Depth-cued 3D controls. Zoom to selected object, etc.