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vendredi 30 avril 2010

Autodesk Maya tutorial : Condensation

Le site CGTUTSPLUS propose un tutorial pour Maya permettant de créer un effet de condensation via le module Visor.

mardi 6 avril 2010

Autodesk Maya 2011

Un article complet et intéressant sur Maya 2011 est disponible en français ici :

lundi 21 décembre 2009

Autodesk Smoke disponible sur Mac OS X

Autodesk® Smoke® software is a comprehensive solution for online editing and creative finishing. Smoke provides real-time, mixed-resolution interactivity for many types of editorial finishing work and client-supervised sessions. Smoke is now available as a software-only application for Apple® Mac OS® X operating system.

Easily handle a variety of projects―film, commercials, long-form episodics, bumpers, and promos―on a single system. In an era of project-based billing and increasingly complex client demands, your editing and finishing system software needs to do more―more efficiently.

Core features of Autodesk Smoke include:

  • A powerful 64-bit architecture
  • Superior tools for conforming, editing, audio, paint, character generation, graphic design, and visual effects creation
  • Autodesk Modular Keyer, Master Keyer, and Colour Warper™ technologies
  • Batch procedural compositing environment enabling logical, more efficient workflows (available in Autodesk® Smoke® Advanced software)
  • Support for streaming media formats: Panasonic® P2 MXF files, Avid DNxHD® codecs, Apple® QuickTime® media (ProRes on the Mac® operating system), and RED file formats

Get more details about Autodesk Smoke features.

What’s New
Explore the latest developments in Autodesk Smoke 2010 editing and finishing software.


Une version d'évaluation est disponible en libre téléchargement ici !

jeudi 10 décembre 2009

Le dernier numéro du e-zine de CgArena est disponible

Le dernier numéro du e-zine de CgArena est disponible en libre téléchargement en cliquant ici.

Au menu :

  • interview with Oleg Koreyba
  • Photoshop: Making of Grenat
  • 3ds Max: Making of Cohen the Barbarian
  • ZBrush: Making of Red Hulk
  • Photoshop: Making of in the Blue Foil
  • Gallery - Showcase of latest 3D inspiring art

mardi 1 décembre 2009

I miss my Lego

Pas d'erreur : Pas de Lego dans cette image, juste quelques clones d'ersatz de blocs.

mercredi 30 septembre 2009

mental images® Unveils iray Rendering Solution

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and BERLIN, Germany — Sept. 30, 2009— mental images®, an NVIDIA company, today
introduced iray® – the first fully GPU accelerated, commercially supported, turn-key rendering
solution for a wide range of 3D graphics application developers. iray technology leverages NVIDIA®
graphics processing units (GPUs) to deliver unbelievably fast photorealism to designers, engineers
and consumers.

Life-like graphics can now become interactive as iray rendering technology exploits the massively
parallel processing power of the GPU, enabling more convincing 3D visuals, greater levels of
creativity and faster decision making. “With iray rendering technology, what used to take product
designers, visual effects artists and CAD users hours to render can now happen in a matter of
minutes without compromising the quality and detail of the image, said Dr. Jon Peddie, president,
Jon Peddie Research. “The advent of iray is changing the face of this industry by increasing the
standards in rendering efficiency as we know it.”

iray technology speeds the creative process by easily enabling designers to accurately simulate
their creations using materials and lighting that relate directly to the physical world experienced
every day. Because it’s highly scalable, interactive and physically accurate, iray technology allows
design and engineering professionals to produce the highest quality final-frame output without the
complexity inherent in other solutions.

With tight integration with mental ray® technology – mental images’ renderer, which is extensively
used in feature film work and within the leading design and creation tools from Autodesk, Dassault
and Parametric Technology – iray rendering technology will empower millions of users with
the ability to change the way they create synthetic images.

“The combination of iray and NVIDIA GPUs is an astounding achievement, demonstrating our undisputed
leadership in computational graphics,” said Dan Vivoli, senior vice president, NVIDIA Professional
Solutions Group. “The ease-of-use and remarkable speed of iray brings interactive photorealism
easily within the reach of any creator or consumer of 3D content.”

iray rendering technology significantly improves how designers, engineers and other content
development professionals work with rendering tools to produce high-quality, photorealistic imagery.
Harnessing the power of the GPU and the NVIDIA CUDA™ parallel processing architecture, iray
technology progressively refines an image until maximum detail is reached, providing a single
process that smoothly combines interactive pre-visualization and final frame rendering. iray
technology requires only a small number of intuitive settings relating to the physical world that
delivers a “push-button” rendering experience for creating final-frame photo-real images.

“It’s no secret that users want to utilize the power of GPUs for photorealistic rendering,” said
Rolf Herken, CEO and CTO, mental images. “With iray, we deliver a solution that not only leverages
the GPU in the most efficient manner but also raises the bar for what is defined as photorealism in

lundi 29 juin 2009

Mieux comprendre le FBX

Pour revoir ses bases et accroître ses connaissances sur le format d'Autodesk FBX permettant un échange d'éléments 3D complets entre différents systèmes et logiciels, je vous invite à consulter, en anglais le white paper à la fin de ce post.

Extraits :

"One of the most widely used 3D interchange formats on the market, Autodesk® FBX® technology is designed to enable workflows built around multiple 2D and 3D digital content creation applications. Such workflows are the lifeblood of large production houses and small boutique studios. In this white paper, you learn how FBX technology can help improve workflow efficiency and productivity and how to use it to enable interoperability among Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Autodesk® Maya®, Autodesk® MotionBuilder ™ software, and other applications."

"FBX is much more than a file format. The FBX technology family of tools—SDK, plug-ins, and viewer, as well as the FBX file format—offers a comprehensive data interchange solution. In the same way that PDF files let you share documents with users who do not own the word processor or page layout program those documents were created with, FBX technology lets you exchange data between 2D and 3D applications. The FBX file format, however, is more flexible than the PDF format, because data passed between applications via the FBX file format retains its ability to be manipulated."

"The FBX technology family of tools provides universal 3D asset interchange, helping to break through data compatibility
barriers. FBX is a platform-independent file format that enables you to access legacy content after upgrading your pipeline to take advantage of the latest 3D tools; exchange digital assets with other studios whose pipelines are standardized on tools different from your own; and use multiple 3D tools to realize your creative vision in the most efficient manner possible."

>>> White Paper à propos du FBX (doc PDF) ici en lien.

lundi 11 mai 2009

3ds Max - Raccourcis Clavier

Au passage, quelques raccourcis claviers pour éviter d'avoir à ouvrir trop souvent la doc' lorsqu'on ne les connait pas encore par cœur.

3ds max box

Open File

CTRL+O (letter "o")

Save File


Redo Scene Operation


Undo Scene Operation


Delete Objects


Top View


Bottom View


Left View


Front View


Camera View


Isometric User View


Maximize Viewport Toggle


Wireframe / Smooth Toggle


Material Editor


Expert Mode


Show Tab Panel Toggle


Hide Cameras Toggle


Hide Lights Toggle


Hide Grids Toggle


Go to End Frame


Go to Start Frame


Forward Time One Unit

. (period)

Back Time One Unit

, (comma)

Play Animation

/ (forward slash)

Auto Key Toggle


Render Last


Render Scene


Select All


Select Invert

CTRL+I (letter “i”)

Select None


Select-By-Name Dialog










Transform Gizmo Toggle


Transform Type-In Dialog




Zoom Region Mode


Zoom Viewport In

[ (open square bracket)

Zoom Viewport Out

] (closed square bracket

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