Quelques breakdowns des travaux de compositing réalisés par CIS Vancouver sont présentés en grand nombre sur Animation World Network.

"After working on Rome environments for Angels & Demons CIS Vancouver did nearly 110 shots for the wild and gory Zombieland (directed by Ruben Fleischer), including a "seat belt" lesson and the opening 90-second shot in semi-deserted Washington, D.C., which is all CG. Mark Breakspear, CIS' visual effects supervisor, tells all."

Bill Desowitz: So, what was it like working on a zombie movie?

Mark Breakspear: Well, it was a lot of fun. Like any small budget show, they still have the same big ideas as big budget shows. We started talking to Paul Linden, the overall visual effects supervisor, about the kind of work that they had and at the time it was some driving composites, but then the movie developed, as we knew it would, and suddenly there were a bunch of CG shots that they wanted: some environments and this great shot.

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Additional "seat belt" sequence. © 2009 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. all rights reserved. Images courtesy of CIS Vancouver