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lundi 9 juillet 2012

Eyeon Connection dans Fusion 6.4

Toronto, Canada: July 9, 2012… eyeon Software Inc. announced today the shipping release of the highly-anticipated eyeon Connection® bridge to the AVID workflow. Strategically based upon AVID’s AVX2 architecture and eyeon’s 6.4 version release of Fusion™, Connection seamlessly opens the Media Composer®, Symphony™, NewsCutter®, and *Avid DS™ product lines to an infinite degree of creative possibilities.

Since Connection’s announcement at NAB 2012, the professional industry has seen an astounding response from the AVID community, including thousands of emails and forum posts:
“Eyeon Fusion Connection AVX plug-in will lead to a better world of node-based compositing from within an Avid interface”
“ka-boom! the nle war escalates, between... fusion and smoke”
“We have used Digital Fusion for years and have always wished our Avid would work like it in the composite modes with the tools of Fusion. We are excited.”
“eyeon Connection. Things are getting very interesting”
“I will 100% be checking it out because this is the game changer i think everyone has been waiting for.”
“Really smart move by Eyeon.”
“Fusion for Media Composer & Symphony is the big deal here.”
“It's very exciting to consider the possibilities. Having text burst into flame then morph into a supermodel--Fusion would definitely be my weapon of choice.”
“Adding Fusion to Avid is somewhat like the 'connectfx' nodal possibilities within Smoke2013, but still retaining the editing capabilities of Avid (e.g. Multicam, Audio Scrub, VO punch-in, 5.1 audio, Trimming etc).”
Key Features
•Supercomputing node-based VFX and Stereoscopic toolsets directly accessed in the AVID timeline, auto-populating AVID clips.
•Simultaneous use of software on systems or network, with concurrent editing/rendering.
•Drag-and-drop simplicity with infinite scalability via 64bit GPU-accelerated compositing and motion graphics.
•Unprecedented Particle generation and access to 3D environment and virtual extensions.
•Server storage and importing/exporting process eliminated.
•Dimension’s optical flow and disparity mapping technologies define a superior level of fix-it-in-post and Stereoscopic solutions.
•VFX processing via multi CPU and GPU.
•Advanced Fusion toolset includes Primatte5.
•Fusion 6.4 delivers transcoding lab controlled by AVID and Fusion.
•HDRI floating point color pipeline.
•ARRI®, RED®, Phantom®, and other native camera formats integrated.
Pricing and Availability
Connection with AVX2 support is included as part of Fusion and Dimension 6.4 at no additional charge for current subscription owners. Please contact sales@ for more information.
* Avid DS support available upon AVID release of DS 11 QFE1.

mercredi 6 juin 2012

Connectivité entre Eyeon Fusion et Avid Media Composer & Symphony en vidéo

Connectivité entre Eyeon Fusion et Avid Media Composer & Symphony en vidéo:

vendredi 11 novembre 2011

Eyeon Fusion 6.3 disponible

Eyeon Fusion 6.3 disponible. Une vidéo montre ses nouvelles fonctionnalités :

Informations et téléchargement de Fusion 6.3 ici Press release en anglais : eyeon Speaks Deep Volumes with Fusion 6.3 Toronto, Canada: November 8, 2011… eyeon Software, a forerunner of visual effects software development, today announced the official shipping release of Fusion 6.3. Fusion's GPU-accelerated architecture and OpenCL supercomputing, as exemplified by the deep image volume technology, offers state-of-the-art VFX software advancements with this latest edition. Volumetric Lighting One of the most requested features within the Volume Fog Tool has been volumetric lighting. Adjusting 3D scenes within Fusion’s real time deep volume system and integrating the volumes directly into images with the World Position Pass tool provide an unsurpassed methodology for controlling light samples, scattering, asymmetry, and density. These volumes can be generated inside Fusion or imported via EXR. "Marvelous! Thanks guys!" ~ Pieter Van Houte, Director, Steak Under Water Color Science Advances in color handling and new color tools in version 6.3 make color matching, profiling, and working with diverse cameras and Digital Intermediate systems seamless. • THX® advances support for Fusion in their latest release of Cinespace™. • Fusion adds Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES) linear color space to its color pipeline. • New automated color correction reversing and color grading capabilities. • Versatile 3D LUT creation, analysis, and design tools. “In reality, the whole feature set comes with a lot of new improvements that will impact us on a daily basis. Every time we get new release notes I get a nice warm feeling inside.” ~ Chad Capeland, Director R&D, Anatomical Travelogue LLC Primatte 5 Primatte 5 provides vastly improved auto compute and background color selection, background lighting adjustment, and hybrid rendering. Lens Distortion with the importing of data and a number of various lens models, the Lens Distort tool implements the 3D equalizer lens distortion model to invert or undistort an image. The data can then be imported into Fusion for the most accurate results. AJA Kona Support AJA Kona 3G playback support, including 4k and 48fps playback. “Awesome. Thanks for the hard work!” ~ Stefan Ihringer, Freelance Compositing Artist eyeon has pushed the development of Fusion 6.3 to possess an authentic 3D environment with camera/lighting support for leading 3D packages and one of the most powerful and intuitive 3D particle systems on the market. With hardware-accelerated 3D capabilities, you can now migrate from pre-vis to finals within the same application. eyeon's Fusion is a true synergy of 2D and 3D tools for precise compositing.

jeudi 10 décembre 2009

Lightwarp macro pour Fusion

Linda Svärd de Norrblick HB ( Suède ), nous a confectionné une macro Lightwrap pour Eyeon Fusion, disponible en libre téléchargement à cette adresse, et cette fois sans limite du 720P :

jeudi 25 juin 2009

Eyeon Fusion tutorial : Fire !

Un tutorial en anglais pour Eyeon Fusion permettant de créer grâce aux particules un effet de feu réaliste.

Dans ce tutoriel, l'auteur, Theodore Groeneboom, utilise 2000 particules de départ. Pour étudier le comp plus rapidemment, tout en gardant l'effet escompté, vous pouvez abaisser le nombre de particules à 200, cela fonctionne bien.

Lien pour ce tutoriel ici.

mercredi 17 juin 2009

Eyeon Fusion 6 aka Fusion Six

Un post récapitulatif des éléments disponibles par rapport à un soft de compositing très attendu : Fusion Six de Eyeon.

L'information ne vient pas de tomber mais je sais déjà que beaucoup vont être agréablement surprise d'être passé à côté de celle ci et d'en savoir plus en quelques lignes, ci dessous. Ici je ne parle pas de la version finale mais de l'open candidate, toute aussi bienvenue.

Fusion6 est donc disponible en téléchargement à ce lien, en version 32 Bit ou en version 64 Bit. Vous pourrez également y télécharger les Rendernodes pour chaque version.

Pour ceux qui veulent avoir une version d'évaluation, il suffit de la demander à ce même lien.

Vous retrouverez toutes les nouveautés de Fusion 6 à cette page chez l'éditeur : Eyeon

Entre le DOD, le ROI, la Stereo, le support de RED, et toutes les nouvelles fonctionnalités 3D, vous aurez suremment envie d'y jeter un oeil de plus prêt. La liste complète des nouveautés depuis Fusion 5.3 se trouve à cette url.

Un ensemble de vidéos de Fusion 6 proposé par l'éditeur sur youtube se trouve ici.

Bonus, le manuel complet en ligne de Fusion 6 se trouve à cette page.

jeudi 22 janvier 2009

Eyeon Fusion tutorial : Fake Ambient Occlusion

Une vidéo en anglais montrant comment recréer de l' ambient occlusion dans Eyeon Fusion.

ambiant occlusion in eyeon fusion

Fichier Quicktime de 40 Mo disponible ici

Eyeon Fusion tutorial : Rain drops on Camera Lens

Un tutorial en anglais montrant comment créer des gouttes de pluie se déposant sur l'objectif d'une caméra, utilisant les plugins compatibles After Effects CC Rain et CC Vector Blur. Ce tutorial utilise le système de particules de Eyeon Fusion pour créer ces gouttes de pluie.


Tutorial :

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